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KRESTON KAIROS has the courage and integrity to help clients meet the demands of stakeholdersas well as complex and broadening regulatory requirements by providing a timely and constructive challenge to management, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees, and critical information for investors and other stakeholders. We do this by offering Assurance Services, which are divided into two categories i.e. Audit Services and Audit Related Services.

The Kreston Kairos Audit Methodology is designed to cover four main stages in accordance to the International Standards on Audit while assuring you of the Quality of work we do. These are made flexible to accommodate your unique environment and risks, which we believe are totally different from each client we service.

The effective use of technology is a critical means to deliver all audits efficiently and to minimize the operational costs associated with auditing. CCH Pro system uses an application that combines KAIROS’s audit methodology that is fully compliant with the International Standards on Auditing with a powerful project management capability together with thousands of industry linked insights to help the audit team manage the activities and documents related to your audit.

The tool enables us to manage the audit through an activity-based workflowand electronic audit file application, which allows our teams to apply the methodology consistently with real time guidance throughout the audit. What makes an audit fuelled by CCH Pro System special is that the bank of audit relevant guidance is accessed and tailored so that only the relevant insights are integrated into the audit at each stage to help maximize value. This value comes in many ways such as highlighting potential risk areas, suggesting new or alternative test procedures to conduct a faster or more robust audit, or in highlighting potentially better internal control options for your KAIROS team to discuss with you.

This means a KAIROS audit team will take up less of your executives’ time by asking more insightful questions about key risks and controls in your industry and by focusing on the unique aspects of your organization. The system is highly secure with access limited to the engagement team and documents digitally protected and certified. Audit files related to your engagement will not be transferred across borders without your prior consent and subject to local regulations.